All work generates positive and negative aspects that must be faced, however there are professions or occupations that require a special predisposition on the part of those who decide to take on as part of their way of life.

The work as a driver is carried out by people who really have a passion for driving and traveling long and short distances or whom life places as an occupation and becomes a professional driver.

It is a demanding job, for which you must have all your senses alert, know how to respond in unexpected circumstances, safeguarding your own life and that of the people who are inside the vehicle.

The job of a driver brings responsibilities that are related to the level of trust and professionalism shown by the person and dependent on the area where he operates and the work he performs.


  • Established pay higher than average salaries: average salary is 15.75 USD per hour, including travel expenses, payment is based on effort, risks and type of transportation to accomplish the task.
  • Adventure and passion: it is a job that has a degree of excitement and adventure and for which some employees may feel passion, the feeling of being in control in front of large means of transport or of undertaking a long distance journey, enjoying landscapes and diverse cultures.
  • Cultural and human growth: Knowing places and people from different places, with different environments, customs and behaviors allows to develop social contact and treatment of others.
  • Prestige on the rise: Being a driver is an increasingly respected job, whose technology has made modern transports available with devices that improve safety and in which the driver must be a prepared and trained person.
  • Knowledge of mechanics: You must have some knowledge of mechanics to help you face unavoidable moments on the road due to mechanical failure.
  • Available vacancies: it is a job that is currently easily found, especially those with experience, skills and documentation up to date.


  • Process the required permits: There are rules and regulations to regulate the handling of vehicles of different types, so it is necessary to have the permit to drive the vehicle. It is important to have the regulatory permits up to date so that you can circulate without problems.
  • Academic training: Improve knowledge in favor of job improvements in university institutes that offer short careers with topics related to performance as a driver.
  • Knowledge of mechanics: All drivers must have basic knowledge of the vehicle they are driving in order to face any problem that the vehicle may present during work.