Work and travel on board cruisesWork and travel on board cruises:

Working on Disney cruise ships gives you the opportunity to travel and earn money while sailing the seas and getting to know different places.

If you like to travel, working on cruise ships is one of the jobs to choose. Working aboard a cruise ship allows you to travel by sea and discover new ports as well as earn money while traveling. It is a good option to learn or improve languages. Working on a cruise ship requires responsibility and dedication, it provides you with unforgettable experiences, the opportunity to see the world, entertainment and a salary.

Find out if life on the high seas is for you:

If you are willing to work on a cruise, you need to know if:

Do you feel good meeting different people and working with them?

Do you consider yourself a flexible person who adapts easily to different environments?

Do you feel empowered to work in a job that changes continuously?

Employing yourself on a cruise ship gives you the opportunity to embark on weekends, visit various ports, prepare to work for several days in a row, for shift changes, and always be available.

Requirements to work on a cruise ship:
Knowledge of languages:

Mastering English is important for working on a cruise ship. Other languages ​​such as French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish will also be required depending on the job position.

Training to work on cruise ships:

This training is offered by the company. If these studies you will not be able to work on board a cruise ship. These studies are related to topics about cruising and train you with the skills necessary for you to acquire safety before boarding.

Training related to the position:

Essential at the time of opting for employment on the cruise.


It is important that you keep in mind that you will work on a cruise ship sailing around the world, and you must have availability for a long-term time.

Working under pressure:

Have the ability to work under pressure strategies in confined spaces.

You must have a visa to work on a cruise ship.

Medical exams:
You must be in good health to work or be employed on a cruise ship.

Types of jobs you can find working on a cruise ship:
Massage therapist
Personal training
Life guard
Mantenance staff
Recreation staff
Electrical technician
Human Resources Deputy Manager
Learning and Development Manager
Indoor pool service supervisor
Human resources manager
Cruise Chef

By joining the team on Disney cruises, you can find various areas for personal and professional development:

Training to grow in the company:
You will learn about the hospitality or service provided by Disney cruises.

Professional training:
You will be able to acquire training for jobs on international cruise ships.

Preparation for the job:
You adapt to your job with the necessary and available supplies to ensure quality work.

Health and safety knowledge:
Preparation for any eventuality that may arise.

Acquire leadership skills:
You learn to advance in personal and professional growth.

What do you need to work on Disney cruises?

Be over 21 years of age.
Master or able to learn the English language.
Have the nationality required by the company.
Valid passport.
C1 / D sailor visa.
Commit to the contract.
Flexibility in the schedule.
Good oral and written communication.
Organizing skills.
Ability to draw attention to a large group of children.
Availability to spend the night and work on board ships for a specified time.
Availability to work for 7 days 70-84 hours with limited free time.
Willingness to share cabin with other crew personnel.
Comply with the appearance standards of Disney cruises.
Enjoy working in a high-volume, service-oriented environment for the ship’s guests.

By working on Disney cruises, you will save money, have a network of contacts in several countries, travel for free and get the following advantages:

You focus on your skills: you work in the place that best suits your knowledge, needs and where experience plays an important role. The best paid are the most responsible.

Language proficiency: a good command of English is basic and helps you in the selection process, ability to be fluent in other languages.

You must be a hard-working, responsible, open and self-confident person: you have the ability to work in a team and solve certain situations.

Join the work team on Disney cruises:

As a Disney cruise worker, you will offer personalized attention to all clients, which will make you differentiate yourself from other cruises. To work on a cruise ship you need a lot of dedication and be aware that there will be hard work situations but that they will be rewarding with a salary that will improve as professional training increases. Working on Disney cruise ships is hard work and rewarding.

On Disney cruises, different talents, skills and abilities are valued regardless of the nationality of the workers and internal recognition and personal support are offered. When you work on a Disney cruise, you create bonds of friendship where there is an incredible work environment so that you can enjoy yourself every day. You will be able to share experiences and be prepared to accept other knowledge on board and understand what it is like to be part of the family on Disney cruises.

Employment on Disney cruises leads to a great experience if you are committed to working on a cruise ship. If you really want to train in this, you will have the opportunity to grow professionally.

Work and travel on board cruises