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To improve the quality of life of human beings, one of the activities to be carried out has to do with the construction area. The construction is valuable for the human being since it includes numerous work areas and allows the creation of artificial spaces in which different activities such as health, residence, among others are developed.

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When human beings began to build their homes, they began to establish an achievement from which they could not separate, and opened the possibility of continuing to build buildings, operating systems that did not depend on nature but adjusted to the needs of human beings.

The historical advance was essential from the moment in which the human being became sedentary and this led him to stay in the same place and therefore have an environment to live. The industrial revolution allowed the human being to create artificial spaces where nature was not a part, these spaces are what we know today as cities, always thinking of meeting the needs of the population.

  • Construction is a relevant activity in the economy of a country, due to the capital investment that is needed as well as the amount of jobs that are generated. Construction jobs today are a way that several states have to activate the economy, secure jobs and update and modernize the spaces of the human being that inhabits every day.
  • As a construction employee, you can work on construction sites performing activities that require physical labor.
  • Operate manual tools or any type of motor (planers, pneumatic hammer, cement mixers, mechanical lifting devices, surveying and measuring equipment.
  • Clearing and preparing construction sites, digging trenches, constructing scaffolding, reinforcing the sidewalls of excavations, clearing
  • debris and other waste materials from construction.
  • You can also participate in helping other workers in various construction trades.
  • They load and unload the materials that will be used in the construction.
  • They prepare and clean construction sites removing debris and possible hazards.
  • Level the terrain through minor tools of the activity, according to the specifications.
  • Execute preventive maintenance activities in the premises.
  • Carry out the necessary work in the construction of civil works.
  • Be part of the logistical support of the activities required in the departments.
  • Support the works that need welding work.
  • They comply with the instructions and construction plans of skilled and experienced supervisors or workers.

Do you know the benefits of working in the construction industry?
In construction jobs, you can work on most construction sites performing a wide variety of tasks from the easiest to the most difficult and dangerous. The tasks that are performed require training, experience and a basic knowledge that is quickly improved by acquiring skills and can be promoted to positions that carry out more complex tasks and spend more hours performing activities that require specialized knowledge.